Baton Rouge, LA – Nursing homes are environments where all kinds of issues can occur. Unfortunately for patients, they can be harmed or become seriously ill while they are under the care of nursing home staff members, who may fall short of their required standard of care in a number of ways. If these problems become severe or an accident happens, or the patient experiences problems while they are very old or infirm, it is possible that they may pass away. A civil attorney can assist a family that is going through financial and emotional problems due to these factors. 

What should a family do when a relative is no longer available to speak about the conditions in the facility?

There are some unfortunate situations where a patient in a nursing home passes away due to illness, improper treatment, old age, or other issues. While the exact reasons for this problem may not initially be obvious, an investigation can take place and it may even be necessary to get law enforcement involved if criminal activity or foul play is suspected. The civil attorney can file formal complaints with the local court system and notify the facility. They will then start the discovery process where all kinds of information are exchanged, including facts about the person’s routine, medical treatment, and assistance from facility employees in their final days. 

Lawsuits after a situation that results in the passing of a relative

Civil lawyers file special kinds of lawsuits after someone passes away. The state statutes allow these kinds of cases to pay for things like funeral and burial expenses, the person’s final medical treatment, and other problems caused by the healthcare professional or facility responsible for the situation. The structure of these cases is similar to other civil negligence lawsuits, where a plaintiff must prove losses and damages that the defendant is ordered to pay due to their improper actions. When the plaintiff and their attorney are successful, the nursing home administration will have to finance various forms of medical treatment, along with other losses related to emotional trauma and the pain of losing a family member. The family should not try to guess at the value of their lawsuit before talking with an injury attorney in their city. 

Lawyers in Louisiana who bring cases against nursing homes

There are law firms in the state who focus on looking at nursing home issues, and they bring civil cases on behalf of their clients if necessary after an accident or other forms of loss. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf have years of experience assisting people and their families after an incident at a nursing home. 

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