LAWRENCEVILLE, Georgia. You don’t need to be a celebrity to face a tough divorce, but celebrity divorce lawyers often see many tough divorces pass through their doors. From Amber Heard’s recent split from Johnny Depp to Gwen Stefani’s split from Gavin Rossdale, celebrity divorce brings its own challenges. Divorce is hard enough, but when you add tabloid coverage, millions in assets, and big egos to the mix, you have a recipe for a legal challenge. While most divorcing couples won’t have to deal with the things celebrities face, divorce lawyers to the celebrities can offer some insight in how to handle some of the more challenging aspects of divorce. Divorce lawyers to the rich and famous recently sat down with Vanity Fair to reveal some of their secrets.

  1. Many celebrities settle their divorces before filing. In order to avoid tabloid coverage, many celebrities will settle their family law matters, such as child custody agreements and division of assets outside of court, with the assistance of a lawyer long before filing. Filing for divorce is a public legal matter, while the settlement can take place in private. Individuals who are planning to get divorced who are not celebrities can also benefit from settling their divorce out of court and before filing. For instance, leaving child custody matters to a judge can place parenting decisions in the hands of the state. And, it can be hard to reverse a judge’s order. Divorcing parties are better served by reaching an agreement in private. Of course, this can’t always happen. When this is the case, having a qualified family lawyer, like the Law Offices of Gregory C. Okwuosah, L.L.C. on your side is important. Visit the website for more information here
  2. Divorce requires compromise, even for celebrities. Child custody is almost always shared, even when a celebrity’s former spouse makes less money. The same is true for the average divorce as well. Very rarely will judges completely prevent a parent from seeing his or her children, and usually only in cases of extreme abuse.
  3. Timing is everything when it comes to announcing the divorce. Celebrities plan when they’ll make their divorce public. For instance, celebrities may choose to announce their divorce on Fridays so that their children won’t have to be in school the next day and face the public backlash. Non-celebrities can also consider when they’ll announce their split to children, family, and friends. For instance, children might need time to grieve and adjust and announcing a divorce on a school night might also be stressful.

Divorce is a tough time for everyone involved, but with a good family law attorney on your side, the legal aspects can be handled in a smooth and efficient manner. If you’re heading for divorce and need a qualified family law attorney to assist you, contact the Law Offices of Gregory C. Okwuosah, L.L.C. in  Lawrenceville, Georgia.

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