Family of Meat Processing Employee Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Worker Dies from COVID-19

JBS USA is one of the largest meat processing companies in the country with locations in states like Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado, and Minnesota. After the COVID-19 virus began spreading in the U.S., the JBS began recording cases of workers who had tested positive for the disease. While it is clear that anyone who goes to work, whether it is at a meat processing plant or an office building, is putting themselves at risk of contracting the virus, trouble begins to loom for the companies that fail to take the precautions to ensure their employees are safe.

To help curb the spread the virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Infection (CDC) has issued many guidelines for companies to follow that aim to keep workers safe including taking temperatures prior to the start of each shift, keeping employees at least six feet away from one another, etc. While many companies have been implementing CDC guidelines and recommendations, others are being accused of ignoring them.

JBS is one of them.

According to Whyy, JBS was accused in a lawsuit of “ignoring federal coronavirus guidelines and worker safety.” The lawsuit stems from the death of a JBS employee. Whyy says that 70-year-old Enock Benjamin died after contracting COVID-19 from the meat processing plant he worked in. Benjamin’s surviving family filed a wrongful death lawsuit on his behalf and in it alleged Benjamin “died as a result of the company’s negligent, reckless, and outrageous conduct.”

The attorney hired to represent Benjamin’s family says that “JBS prioritized profits over people.” The lawsuit also claims that “JBS made social distancing impossible, forcing workers to use “cramped and crowded” work areas, break areas, bathrooms, and hallways.” The company is also being accused of failing to supply workers with sufficient personal protective equipment and “discouraged workers from taking sick leave.” The family’s attorney is also saying that JBS “misrepresented and deceived workers into believing that the JBS Souderton Plant was safe to ensure that workers continued to show up each day for their shifts and to ensure that the JBS Defendants continued to profit.”


At Least 7 Workers at Colorado Meat Processing Plant Have Died from COVID-19


Whyy reports that so far, at least seven workers from the meat processing plant in Colorado have died after contracting COVID-19. It isn’t clear whether any lawsuits have been brought against the company’s Colorado plant.


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