A performance review can be a nerve-wracking situation for most employees, and a negative one being the worst possible outcome. In many cases of negative performance evaluation, employees strive to be better and improve before the next one. But, what if the review is falsified? This is not entirely uncommon and is one of the most common cases involving a Dryden employment attorney

Most employees who received a false performance review have two immediate reactions. They either decide to quit their jobs or choose to remain quiet and bitterly accept the blot on their work record. However, these are not the only choices employees have. They can choose to speak up against the unfair evaluation and if the need arises, seek the help of a Dryden discrimination lawyer to file a lawsuit. 

Many employees fear taking any action against their employers for a falsified evaluation in an attempt to avoid retaliation. However, they need to understand that it is not fair to their coworkers when they do so. By choosing to remain silent, they are only facilitating their employers to repeat such practices against future employees. Moreover, the false performance review itself could be retaliation from their boss for speaking up against them. 

In many cases of false evaluation, employees usually have bad blood with their employers either because of a lawsuit involving a Dryden harassment attorney or a simple dispute. Such situations call for forming a counter case to prove the review is fake. Employees can do this by collecting their work records, specifically about their review and past appraisals, that supports their claim. For instance, if the employers claim that the employee is not meeting deadlines, they can prove them otherwise through an email trail or data from the company’s collaboration software. 

Such evidence needs to be collected before employees can file a lawsuit against their employers. Yet another factor they would need to consider is why they received a false performance review in the first place. In some cases, these evaluations are a precursor to wrongful termination of an employee of a specific race, age, or gender. Employees facing this with enough corroborating evidence, including statements from coworkers, can seek the help of discrimination attorneys. 

With the help of a lawyer, employees can further collect evidence to prove they have been wronged at their workplace. Furthermore, they can get their coworkers facing similar issues to take a stand and join the lawsuit: the more plaintiffs, the better chances of getting justice. 

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