On Saturday, November 8 the first coronavirus-caused death of an American citizen in Wuhan, was announced. The announcement drew much concern from the general public and many brought up the question of whether the Trump administration was doing enough to help protect its citizens. The State Department released a statement defending themselves and explaining how they had evacuated somewhere around 850 people, most of whom were American citizens, since the outbreak of the virus occurred.

However, the statement also made it clear that there would be no more flights going to conduct any further evacuations. The panic over coronavirus has begun to decline a little as most people become more educated on how the virus may not be as dangerous as was originally anticipated. Doctors are making it clear that the coronavirus may just be as harmful as the regular flu as the common flu takes the lives of thousands each year as well.

Most people who are losing their lives from the virus have compromised immune systems, are older in age or already suffer from underlying medical conditions. The American citizen who lost their life to coronavirus was allegedly a 60-year-old female who already suffered from previous medical conditions.

How is the Coronavirus affecting the Chinese American relationship?

As the virus continues to spread in China, the country is experiencing a strange era of isolation in which flights to and from China are being canceled and even blocked. The United States, as well as other countries, have placed travel restrictions on those flying in from China. Airlines have even canceled their flights and Chinese racism is becoming more apparent across the world as people take their fear and bitterness and attribute it to the entire race when there really is no one to blame for the spread of this new virus.

Chinese officials are doing everything in their power to be transparent about the situation and they are exhausting all of their efforts to make sure that enough medical care and supplies are available to help prevent the further spreading of the virus and also to ensure the best odds of recovery for those who have been infected.

The secretary of health and human services, Alex Azar, once again offered a helping hand to China but did not receive a positive response. The Chinese believe they have everything under control, but they are still advising individuals not to travel to China as of February 2, until further notice.

The coronavirus may not be as dangerous as was originally expected, but it is still a novel virus that is spreading at alarming rates and since not much is known about it, it is better to take precautionary measures. Individuals should avoid travel to China until further notice from the government, and those who are already in risky areas should enhance their hygiene and increase the use of hand sanitizers and wash their hands regularly to prevent getting infected and spreading the virus. If anyone has a legitimate reason to suspect they have contracted the virus, they should go to their doctor for a checkup immediately.

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