MARIETTA, Georgia. If you’ve been hurt in an accident on the job, in most cases, Georgia’s worker’s compensation insurance will cover you for medical benefits, rehabilitation, and supplement your income if you’ve had to miss time from work due to your injury. Any business that has three or more employees is required to have worker’s compensation insurance. A company that fails to carry required insurance can be found guilty of a misdemeanor and you may be able to find other ways to receive compensation for your claim with the assistance of a Marietta, Georgia worker’s compensation lawyer like Imbriale Injury Law. However, reporting your injury as soon as possible is essential to receive coverage. What are five steps you should take after suffering a work injury in Marietta, Georgia? Here are a few:

  • Report the injury to your employer or manager. According to the Georgia Government website, if you wait longer than a month to make a claim, you can lose your claim. In order to make a claim, you’ll need to file form WC-14.
  • Understand your coverage and what you may be entitled to receive. According to the Georgia government website, if you have missed more than 7 days of work, you may be entitled to receive money for lost wages. According to the S. Department of Labor, worker’s compensation covers:
    • Lost wages
    • Medical costs
    • Rehabilitation for work retraining
    • Other benefits, including stipends to pay for travel to and from medical appointments

When it comes to understanding your coverage, you may want to speak to your employer about which doctors are in-network in your area. If you don’t visit an in-network doctor, you can lose important coverage.

  • Remember that you have the right to appeal a denied claim. If your claim is denied for any reason, you may have the right to appeal the claim denial. Imbriale Injury Law are Marietta, Georgia worker’s compensation attorneys who can help you appeal your claim denial.
  • Ask doctors to fully document all aspects of your injury. When making your worker’s compensation claim, you must be as thorough as possible. Having accurate and detailed medical records will help you during the claim filing process. For example, if you are claiming permanent disability, it is important that the medical records back this up.

In many cases, your employer can assist with the filing of a worker’s compensation claim. However, there are instances where employers may sometimes lie to their employees about coverage or they may tell workers that they are not covered because an accident was their fault. In other cases, a claim might be denied due to insufficient documentation or other issues. If you have questions about your worker’s compensation claim, visit Imbriale Injury Law today. Our qualified worker’s compensation attorneys can assist you with all aspects of your claim or help you appeal a denied claim.


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