Being a teenager is all about learning, growing, and experiencing new things. Being a teenager is also a confusing time for many which is why some teens find themselves getting into trouble as they are unable to decipher right from wrong. The teenage years are an impressionable time for many which mean these kids feed off of their peers and their actions and allow that to mold them into who they want to be, or at least who they think they want to be.
Unfortunately, when teenagers go through this change in life, some become irresponsible and senseless.  Perhaps being a teenager is what encouraged five Michigan boys to engage in an act that damaged the vehicles of many drivers as well as take the life of an innocent man who was simply a passenger in his friend’s vehicle.

Going back to the incident that took the life of 32-year old Kenneth White

On October 18, Kenneth Andrew White,32, was driving on Interstate 75 with a friend when five teenagers located on the overpass just above where White was traveling began throwing rocks down below. As cars were being hit, they began to pull off to the side of the road as they waited for police to arrive. When a six-pound rock was thrown, it struck the vehicle White was traveling in, sliced through the windshield, and struck him in the chest and head. White was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.
After the incident, the boys got into their vehicle and went to a nearby McDonalds to eat. Police began an investigation which prompted one of the teens to turn himself in at the county jail. The others were then arrested.
The five boys have been identified as Kyle Anger, 17, Mark Sekelsky, 16, Mikadyn Payne, 16, Trevor Gray, 15, and Alexzander Miller, 15, who are all from Clio, Michigan. The teens were arraigned on Tuesday in the Genesee County District Court and are currently being held without bond. It was reported that some of the teens are being represented by a criminal defense attorney and all have pleaded not-guilty for the second-degree murder charges that have been pinned on them. The teens are also facing a charge of conspiracy to commit second-degree murder and malicious destruction of property.
When someone’s negligent actions are responsible for taking the life of your loved one, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf.
The defense attorney representing one of the boys stated “one-size justice does not fit all” according to The Washington Post. Perhaps there is truth to that, however, all played a role in the crime and each were at an age where they should have been able to determine that what they were doing was dangerous and deadly. Each teen played a role, whether they were a bystander or the one who hauled rocks onto the roadway below, they all were consciously engaging in the act that led to White’s death.
Although the teens have been charged with the crime, they have not yet been convicted. It has also not been reported if White’s fiancé will be pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit against the teens for taking the “love of her life” and her five-year-old son’s father.
Neither justice or peace could be reached by either party in the matter as one family was left without a father and soon-to-be husband and the others with troubled teens who are now facing life in prison. If ever you lose a loved one to the neglectful or careless act of another, don’t hesitate to contact as we can place you in touch with some of the best wrongful death lawyers in your area.

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