Whether you already initiated the process of selling your home prior to the COVID-19 pandemic or have decided to sell for other reasons, you may find yourself having to modify the tactics most home-buyers once used to get their home sold and off the market. With the COVID-19 virus still posing as a threat to our lives, it is important that the strategies you use to sell your home coincide with all of the safety measures that have been put into practice since the start of the pandemic.

Scheduling open houses that would allow multiple people inside your home at one time or hosting large events at your home to show off its features aren’t exactly feasible with the COVID-19 pandemic going on. So, what can a homeowner do to get their home sold when they can’t have multiple guests come through? Below are a few tips to consider provided on behalf of CNBC.


Tips to Help You Sell Your Home During the Pandemic


  1. Consider using virtual technology to show your home and meet with potential buyers. CNBC says this is how one real estate agent in Maryland is helping her client sell their home. The agent “walks buyers through her listings over a smartphone or tablet so the buyers can ask questions in real-time.”


  1. Find a real estate agent who is willing to do personal, live virtual tours.


  1. Consider staging your home. According to the news source, “sellers should resist the urge to save on staging now and may even want to step it up.” If potential buyers are unable to come to your home to view it, you want to be sure it is staged in a way that would entice a buyer to put in an offer even though they are only able to view it during a virtual tour.


  1. Start showing your home once you are moved out. If you are concerned about having multiple people come to view your home during the pandemic and don’t want to hold virtual meetings with buyers, you may wish to wait until you are all moved out to begin showing your property.


If you are planning on selling your home via virtual tours and meetings, it is especially important that you have an Orlando, FL real estate attorney review all the contracts and agreements before closing the deal. Without an Orlando, FL residential real estate closings lawyer available to review these documents, you risk running into an issue later on that could have been identified during the closing process. To ensure the terms of the agreement you are signing are in your best interest, let the lawyers at Legal Counsel P.A. help you through each step of your residential real estate closing.


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