When a domestic violence case is publicized, there can be a number of serious consequences for the person who is arrested and charged. Some attorneys focus on assisting those who need to determine a proper course of action afterward, including the best possible defense against the state’s charges. 

A South Florida man was arrested for an incident of domestic violence in Coral Gables. 

South Florida boxer arrested for hitting his girlfriend while at a basketball game

The incident happened when the suspect and his girlfriend attended a celebrity basketball game at the University of Miami’s Watsco Center on Dauer Drive in Coral Gables. Someone who attended the event used their cell phone to film the situation. The video shows the suspect grabbing the woman near the upper part of her shirt and her throat and pulling her away to another room. Shortly after it was posted, the video went viral on a number of social media sites, but the suspect claimed that he did not hurt her even though the situation appeared aggressive.

When the Coral Gables Police arrested the suspect, who is a title winning professional boxer and friend of Floyd Mayweather, their report stated that the surveillance video from the arena did partially capture him hitting the woman. They also found that the woman had injuries to her lip and jaw after the incident. The victim was able to corroborate what was seen on the footage and observed by other witnesses with a written statement of her own. 

The suspect did voluntarily surrender to local police the Tuesday following the weekend game. He was charged with a misdemeanor for battery. 

Defending against a domestic violence charge

Domestic violence is serious because of multiple factors including the possibility of jail time, fines, probation, and a damaged reputation, which can affect someone’s career. Because these charges are so serious, it is imperative to speak with the best attorney you can find to develop a defense strategy and explore your options. 

Making sure the state can prove all charges

The most common task for a criminal defense lawyer is to assist their client by making sure the state can prove all charges beyond all reasonable doubt. In many cases, there may be issues with evidence that is improperly collected, mistaken identity, or missing elements of a crime. Lawyers who have handled numerous criminal cases over the years know how to identify these issues and get their client’s charges reduced, dropped, or negotiate a better plea deal when necessary.  

Learn more during a consultation about your specific case

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