Florida drivers can receive legal advice regarding whether to file a lawsuit after an accident

Fort Myers, FL – Whether or not to file a lawsuit after a motor vehicle crash is an important decision. Legal action may be the only way that some victims can receive payments related to the hospital stay, lost wages, and vehicle damage. After a motor vehicle collision, it is important for any injured person to consult with an attorney to explore these issues further. It may be possible to bring a civil case or receive other financial remedies. 

The severity of the damage and losses

As a general rule, lawsuits will be necessary in situations where a victim has had to endure medical treatment and may not be able to work as normal temporarily or ever again. The costs of years or lost wages or long term medical treatment can be in the thousands or even millions of dollars. When this happens, the person who caused the accident and their insurance company are generally expected to pay for these problems rather than the victim. 

Even in cases where injuries and losses are not as obvious, it can be helpful to get medical examinations to see if health problems will occur at a later time. 

How car insurance can factor into these decisions

An insurance claim may be beneficial to see if any vehicle damage or other losses are covered by the terms of any auto coverage policy in effect. All drivers are required to notify their provider as soon as possible after a collision and give basic information about where and when the collision took place. It is also helpful to discuss the specifics of the policy with an agent to see how the specific type of coverage will assist with paying for any losses caused by the crash. In most cases, auto policies cover damage to the vehicle from the collision, and driver liability for up to several thousand dollars if they are sued by another party afterward. 

Scheduling the initial consultation 

A meeting with a lawyer is always necessary before a final decision is made. They may want to see some basic pieces of evidence related to the crash or get some general information. The lawyer can also provide advice during this meeting about the chances of winning the case and the potential value of the lawsuit. Florida has negligence laws that are favorable to plaintiffs, so even if a driver is partially at fault for the accident, they may be able to collect some money from the defendant towards their losses.   

Finding legal assistance after a motor vehicle collision

Individuals who have been struck by another driver can speak with a legal professional to explore their options and the possibility of a lawsuit. Michael Raheb is an experienced attorney in the Fort Myers area who assists local clients. 

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