Florida drivers may be struck by someone who does not have a valid license

West Palm Beach, FL – There are a significant number of drivers in the Sunshine State who either drive while their license is suspended, or they do not possess a valid driver’s license. When one of these drivers causes a collision, the victim should still follow all relevant procedures to contact their insurance company and local law enforcement. After the situation is resolved at the scene, they can consult with a lawyer to get more information about filing a lawsuit. 

Reasons for suspended licenses

Under Florida law, a person may be subject to a driver’s license suspension for things like not paying traffic tickets, failure to pay child support, or criminal driving charges. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there are a number of different reasons why someone may no longer have their driving privileges, and this problem affects over a million people in the state each year. People who have multiple traffic offenses are the most likely to have to deal with the consequences of a suspended license and criminal charges related to habitual traffic offenses. 

How does the driver’s license suspension affect the accident situation?

Anyone who is involved in an auto accident should still follow the instructions give by their insurance provider, the police, and exchange information with the other driver before contacting a lawyer. The police may arrest the unlicensed driver at the accident scene when they make contact, as driving with a suspended license is a criminal misdemeanor in Florida. 

Civil cases against drivers at fault

Regardless of the other driver’s situation, it is possible for a victim to sue them for losses related to health problems, property damage, and lost wages and income. The job of the plaintiff’s attorney is to prove that the defendant was at fault for their losses and injuries. This can be done in a negligence case by showing a breach of the duty of care on the roads, causation, and damages. In a situation where one driver does not have a valid license, this can be evidence that the driver was negligent and did breach their duty of care by driving when they were not permitted to do so. This evidence will be presented to the jury during a trial, or the defendant’s lawyer can choose to agree to a settlement based on the fact that driving without a valid license is strong evidence of negligence. 

Attorneys who assist motor vehicle accident victims

People who have been harmed due to the negligence of another driver have the option of getting legal advice from an experienced injury firm. Smith and Vanture assist clients in West Palm Beach and nearby parts of Florida with representation and advice regarding civil cases. 

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