Florida ER Doctor Loses Custody of Her 4-Year-Old Over COVID-19 Virus

Theresa Greene is a woman who has committed herself to the field of medicine. Working on the frontlines as an emergency room doctor in Miami to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Greene knows her job carries risks. What she didn’t know was that helping to fight the virus would cause her to lose temporary custody of her daughter.

According to CNN, Greene’s ex-husband of almost two years filed an emergency order that granted him full custody of their daughter. Greene and her ex-husband were spending equal amounts of time with their 4-year-old prior to the pandemic.

Circuit Court Judge Bernard Shapiro was the one to rule that the child should remain with her father for the time being to help “limit the risk of exposure to coronavirus.” The court ruling also said that “The Court does not enter this Order lightly but given the pandemic in Florida and the recent increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases, the Court finds in order to insulate and protect the best interests and health of the minor child, this Order must be entered on a temporary basis.”

In response to the recent ruling, Greene told CNN that she “felt the order discriminated against her as a divorced parent.” She also told the source that she thinks the ruling is “not fair” and that it is “cruel to ask [her] to choose between [her] child and the oath [she] took as a physician.” As difficult as it is for Greene to be away from her daughter, she says that she doesn’t want to “abandon [her] team at work or the patients who will increasingly look to [her] to save their lives in the coming weeks.”

Greene also told the source that “she doesn’t know when she’ll get to see her daughter again because there’s no way to know when the pandemic will be over.”


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