With all that is going on involving the Trump Administration, travel bans, and immigration laws, it has taken everyone by surprise to learn of the death of Beranton Whisenant Jr., 34. He was a federal prosecutor in Florida who was allegedly working on visa and passport fraud cases. While there is an investigation underway, many are confused as to why this occurred and how it happened.

What are Some Facts Surrounding the Death of Beranton Whisenant Jr.?

Based on information provided by BET, Whisenant’s body was washed up on Hollywood Beach in Florida and a passerby was the one to report it. The body had a head injury and The Miami Herald suspects that it may have been a gunshot wound although this hasn’t been confirmed. Some other uncertainties that have arisen out of this incident is whether the body was moved, if the water caused it to relocate, or if it was placed on the beach. This then leads us into the next question: Was the death of Beranton Whisenant Jr. accidental, a suicide, or a murder?
If officials conclude that this death was in fact a murder, investigators will begin their search for a suspect who may have taken his life. Some interesting facts, however, that might help point officials in the right direction is that Whisenant was working on several different immigration cases. The topic of immigration brings a lot of uncertainty to the picture as President Donald Trump is working extremely hard on removing any illegal immigrants who are currently living in the U.S.
Whisenant’s name is listed as the attorney on 39 immigration cases, many that were filed in May according to Heavy.com. Some of his recent cases focused on immigration issues including one involving a woman who has been accused “of re-entering the U.S. illegally from Guatemala” after already being ordered to be removed.  Another case involved a male who had purchased a fake Italian passport and trying to enter Miami with it.
Although there isn’t much evidence yet, it seems a bit suspicious that this Florida immigration attorney centered his practice on immigration issues which is currently one of the most speculated topics in the U.S., and now he is dead.
Whisenant’s family took the news as a shock and is deeply saddened by the death of their loved one. According to the news source, Whisenant had plans of eventually becoming as judge as he was “very motivated by public service.” He graduated from the University of Florida Law School back in 2004 and just recently joined the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami.

More Evidence is Needed Before a Conclusion Can be Made

When we hear of the death of an immigration lawyer or even one who practices in criminal defense, because of the field these professionals work in, it cannot be assumed their death was accidental. Aside from Whisenant being a lawyer who worked for the government, the fact that he was found washed up on the beach with a head wound, wearing his nice clothing and carrying all of his usual items with him, that alone raises a few eyebrows. However, until more evidence comes forward we won’t know what exactly happened or why.

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