Florida Judge Denies Mother’s Request for Temporary Custody Over COVID-19 Concerns

The COVID-19 virus has raised many concerns for parents, especially those that are divorced or separated and are required to share custody of their children. Many worry that their child could be exposed to the virus if their child’s other parent isn’t taking precautionary measures and/or if they work in a field where they are at a higher risk of contracting it. In fact, because the concern has developed into fear, many parents have begun turning to the legal system to get their child custody agreements modified until the pandemic is no longer a serious threat to the U.S.

A few weeks ago, the Orlando Sentinel reported on a case involving a mother who was seeking temporary custody of her 21-month-old son. The news source said that because the child’s father, Stephen Thilmony, works as a firefighter/EMT with Osceola County Fire Rescue, Tabatha Sams, the boy’s mother, requested that she be awarded temporary custody in an effort protect him from exposure to the coronavirus. Prior to the pandemic, Sams and Thilmony were splitting their time with their son, Dawson James Thilmony.

Before Sams sought help from the court, she allegedly asked Thilmony to allow their son to stay with her because of his line of work. After Thilmony refused to give up his parenting time, Sams submitted a custody request to the courts. After Orange County Circuit Judge Vincent S. Chiu was assigned to the case, he rejected Sams’ request. According to Chiu, “there was no evidence [that indicated that] Thilmony was failing to take proper safety precautions or otherwise acting in a way that would endanger Dawson.” The judge also acknowledged Thilmony’s testimony which stated that “OCFR employs extensive policies and procedures to avoid exposure to COVID-19.”

After denying the mother’s request, Chiu also ordered the parents to attend teleconferenced mediation to determine a temporary parenting plan.


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