A man who was wanted due to his possible connection with the murder of three women and the abduction of a child in Miami was found dead in the Tampa area in Pasco County. The 49 year old male’s body was found in a van with a single gunshot wound. The vehicle was in a rural part of the county that is about 40 miles away from the city of Tampa in the town of Blanton. An amber alert was sent out earlier in the day throughout the state of Florida by the FDLE regarding the incident and the suspect’s disappearance. They asked everyone in the state to be on the lookout for a white Ford van. The newborn baby was only about a week old at the time the situation began.  

The incident began a day earlier when three women were found shot to death inside a home in suburban Miami on Southwest 187th Ave. Another family member had attempted to get in touch with them, then later checked on the home and discovered the bodies. Their ages were 40, 60 and 84. The baby that was the suspect’s son was also reported missing from the home and has not been seen since. A 9 year old girl who also lived with them was not harmed at the time. Other family members told police that the suspect had recent problems with his child’s mother and their relationship was in a state of conflict. The victims were the child’s mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. County property records revealed that the suspect owned the home where the women were found dead since 2005. 

There was still no sign of the abducted baby in or around the vehicle where the body was found. A pacifier was in the vehicle, but it is unknown how long it was there before the incident occurred. 

Local law enforcement has been looking for the child ever since and is continuing the search with help from other agencies. There were concerns that the suspect was mentally disturbed and the child’s status is uncertain. Witnesses said that a woman had been spotted inside the van with the suspect at some point, and they were hopeful that she is with the child, although none of this information could be confirmed.  

The victim’s family has asked Senator Marco Rubio for a special visa to allow the surviving family members to come to the U.S. from Cuba to attend the funeral of their deceased relatives. The surviving family members were also asking for donations through a GoFundMe page that was set up after the incident.  

As of now there is still no known motive for the crime other than the fact that the suspect had been arguing with one of the victims. 

Severe sentences for related crimes

Crimes such as kidnapping and murder are serious felonies that carry a lengthy prison sentence. Someone who is convicted of one or both of these crimes could face several decades or life in prison. The suspect in this situation likely knew that he would probably spend the rest of his life in jail if caught, and attempted to flee. Given the nature of these crimes, he would not be given any kind of leniency in sentencing.

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