As unfortunate as it is, trucking companies are often found guilty of pushing their drivers beyond legal regulations to make a profit or to complete a large delivery in time. Truck drivers are required to follow the Hours of Service that limit how many hours they can drive without a break for the workweek. Drivers are not allowed to go above these hours because if they do, they will most likely end up facing fatigue and this can lead to highly dangerous situations on the road.

Any truck driver who got into an accident because their company pushed them to drive when it wasn’t safe to do so should contact a truck accident attorney in Florida at their earliest convenience. The legal consequences for negligently driving a commercial vehicle can be very heavy, because of the amount of damage that truck accidents cause. No driver should have to bear the burden of the entire accident on their shoulders when they were compelled to drive against their best interest.

An attorney can investigate the case and gather evidence to prove the trucking company forced the driver to commit their violation. If they have substantial evidence, they can take the company to court and have them cover the compensation to all those who were injured in the collision.

What driving standards are truck drivers expected to follow in Florida?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has handed down vital rules that apply to all commercial vehicle drivers to help prevent them from getting into a serious accident. These rules are long, detailed, and complex, and a legal representative can better help a driver understand what rules were broken during the collision through the perspective of the law.

The rules that truck drivers are expected to follow in Florida include:

  • They cannot drive over their mandated Hours of Service
  • They must have the proper license for the vehicle they are operating and for the specific state they intend to drive in
  • They must always follow all traffic laws
  • They must make sure they are healthy and medically fit to drive
  • They must meet all equipment and maintenance standards

If any of the above points are violated, a driver can be held legally responsible. However, many times, the trucking company will force their drivers to break the law to make some more profit. For instance, they may know the driver is unwell or that their driver has already reached their hours of service limit, yet they still push them to make another delivery because they were getting a good offer. If this is the case, then a driver should contact an attorney quickly before the entire responsibility of the collision falls on their shoulders alone.



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