It’s a case that has been jumping from the hands of one judge to the next in Grand Rapids, Michigan and it involves the rape and murder of a teen girl. Quinn James has been named as the defendant in the case and he has been accused of raping and killing 16-year-old Mujey Dumbuya.

According to ABC On Your Side, James was working as a maintenance worker for East Kentwood Public Schools while Dumbuya was a student at East Kentwood High School. Last summer, Dumbuya accused James of raping her and he was charged with the crime. However, while he was free on a $100,000 cash bond, police believe he killed her as her body turned up in January in the Kalamazoo woods, which is about 50 miles from her home in Grand Rapids. The Chicago Tribune reported that her cause of death was listed as asphyxia, including strangulation.
Gerald Bennett was also charged with conspiracy to commit murder and has been named as James’ co-defendant. Documents highlight that James contacted Bennett through someone in Detroit in an effort to find someone to help him with the slaying and disposing of the teen’s body. He allegedly gave Bennet a vehicle as payment.  Eventually, James was charged with several crimes including first-degree murder and kidnapping. He hired Jonathan Schildgen, a Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney, who has continued to put up a fight for him since he was brought onto the case, showing how committed he is to his client.
At the beginning of June, Schildgen, requested that his client receive a forensic competency exam as James “may not be capable of rationally assisting in his defense.” He then requested that the entire Kent County Prosecutor’s Office be removed from the case as one of the employees working there either dated or was involved in an intimate relationship with James in the past. These demands were made when the case was being heard by Grand Rapids District Court Judge Jennifer Faber but has since fallen into the hands of Kent County Circuit Court Judge George Jay Quist.
After Quist considered the requests made by James’ defense attorney, he determined the exam was not warranted. He stated that James’ demeanor has been “calm and attentive.” Quist highlighted in his five-page opinion that “he has not engaged in any irrational behavior” and that he “appears to understand the proceedings as they occur and is able to assist in his defense.” He also made it clear that he “has the authority to decide whether the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office should be disqualified from cases involving James based on an alleged conflict of interest.”

James is still awaiting trial for the murder of Dumbuya and has been considered to be competent to stand trial.

The prosecutor’s office already denied that there was any conflict of interest, however, Quist will have the ultimate say in the matter. Quist has not yet set the hearing date to hear and rule on the motion to disqualify the prosecutor’s office from the case. James is now awaiting trial for the case involving Dumbuya and another that involved a woman who claimed James assaulted her four years ago in Gaines Township. Had James not retained a Grand Rapids, MI criminal attorney to represent his case, he likely would have been sentenced for his alleged crimes a long time ago.

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