Former Princess Cruise Passengers Sue Carnival Cruise Line Alleging Staff Knowingly Exposed Them to COVID-19

Cruises are supposed to be fun-filled getaways that give people the opportunity to relax and take a break from their everyday responsibilities. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus prevented many Princess cruise passengers from doing just that. After the COVID-19 virus began threatening more and more lives, officials told cruise lines to stop sailing. But many ships had already departed their ports prior to this announcement and were carrying passengers that would soon contract the virus.


Lawsuits are Filed After Passengers Learned They Had Contracted COVID-19 While on Board Their Cruise


After a Princess Cruise ship departed from its port on February 21, several passengers on board soon became ill. Michael Dorety was one of those passengers. He later passed away from coronavirus complications, reports CBS News, and his wife, Susan Dorety, then contracted the virus. Susan Dorety retained an attorney following her husbands’ death who has spoken out regarding the lawsuit. Dorety’s attorney mentioned that the cruise line had notice of the dangers as it “discharged coronavirus infected passengers and took on board a new group of passengers to then mingle with others who had been exposed,” however, the Dorety’s did not. The family’s attorney was referencing the February COVID-19 outbreak that occurred on a cruise ship in Japan.

Another lawsuit was filed on behalf of a family in Missouri who also sailed with Princess Cruise Lines. Debra and Michael Dalton said the “ship’s crew members knew about the outbreak but didn’t do enough to safeguard them from exposure during their trip to Hawaii.” The couple says that “passengers were simply asked to fill out a piece of paper confirming they were not sick” when they boarded the ship. The lawsuit goes on to say that “despite the knowledge and experience it had with the outbreak of the disease on the Diamond Princess just a mere three weeks prior to the February 21 cruise, Princess Cruise did not have proper screening protocol in place to minimize the risk of exposure of the disease to its passengers and crew.”

Carnival Cruise Line, which owns Princess Cruise Line, isn’t the only company being recognized for the manner in which it handled the outbreak.


Did you contract COVID-19 or another illness while sailing on a Carnival or Princess cruise?


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