The Tennessee school bus driver who was convicted back in March for causing a deadly bus crash that resulted in six deaths is now facing more criminal charges. According to WFMY News 2, Johnthony Walker, 25, had been out on a $350,000 bond after appealing his charges in March for the 2016 accident he allegedly caused. During that court hearing, he was found guilty of six counts of criminally negligent homicide, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, and using his phone by a Hamilton County Criminal Court jury, Chattanooga Free Press. He is currently facing a four-year prison sentence for these charges although he filed an appeal.
Back in 2016, Walker had been driving 37 children from Woodmere Elementary School when the accident occurred on a winding roadway in Chattanooga. Walker was accused of driving 50 mph on the narrow road when the bus went off the pavement, hit and pole, and then flipped into a tree. However, when Walker took the stand, he stated that he hasn’t been on the phone nor was he traveling at 50 mph, rather he was only going 35mph. He said it was another vehicle that “dipped into his lane” which caused him to go off the roadway. As a result of the crash, six students were killed and many others left injured.

Johnthony Walker Now Facing Rape Charges

But, on June 14, 2018, more charges were filed against Walker, this time accusing him of rape. Walker had been staying out of town in Nashville to avoid the death threats being made while he continued to appeal his conviction, although the judge required him to wear an ankle monitor.  For the last few months, Walker had been staying with a family who had a 14-year-old daughter. Last week, the family of the teen found out that Walker was having sex with their daughter and called the police. WFMY News 2 highlighted that the arrest report stated that Walker admitted to having sex with the teen on at least five occasions and he said that the relationship was consensual.
Although Walker has filed an appeal for the criminally negligent homicide charge which carries a four-year prison sentence, he is now facing a rape charge which carries a 10-year prison sentence.
After admitting to the sexual encounters he had with the minor, a motion was filed on June 15th in Hamilton County to revoke Walker’s bail. Court records show that three people have been subpoenaed to attend Walker’s next court hearing, the victim along with two police officers. The hearing will give Walker the opportunity to challenge the charges, however, if Judge Allegra Walker finds that there is enough proof at the conclusion of the hearing, she can send Walker to a grand jury. From there, he may wind up being faced with a new indictment. He is convicted of aggravated statutory rape, which is a Class D felony, he could be faced with up to 12 years in prison for that charge alone.
Aside from needing an experienced Nashville, TN bus crash attorney to represent him for the 2016 accident in TN that claimed the lives of six innocent children, Walker now needs a criminal defense attorney in TN to represent him for the rape charges that have been filed against him.

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