Arguments that turn into incidents of domestic violence can cause serious legal problems for married couples

An incident of domestic violence in Broward County, Florida involved the wife of NFL hall of famer Lawrence Taylor.

Football player’s wife is arrested after throwing an object at him

Taylor’s 42 year old wife was arrested for domestic battery late on a Thursday night in Pembroke Pines. She was also given an additional charge for resisting arrest.

Police believe that the incident began when Taylor and his wife were having a verbal argument. While the suspect was sitting in a chair near their kitchen, she threw an object and hit him in the back of the head. When officers arrived, she was still sitting in the same spot. She admitted hitting him, and refused to comply with commands from the officers to get out of the chair and cooperate. She began to argue with the officers and made statements about beating her husband and making him bleed. Later, the arrest report recorded her saying that she was only joking about the earlier admission. During her hearing the next morning, she claimed that her husband was lying about the whole incident. She attempted to tell the judge that because he is a 300 pound linebacker, there was no way she could have hurt him. During the conversation, she also confirmed the identity of her husband. After setting her bond, the judge told her that her husband and child could only be contacted through a third party while the case was pending. 

Taylor sustained a three inch cut on the back of his head in the area where the object hit him. After the incident, he said that he will not formally pursue charges and have his wife prosecuted. 

Taylor’s wife has three other arrests related to battery and domestic violence between the 1990s and early 2000s, but FDLE records show that all of the criminal cases were eventually dropped. Taylor is considered one of the greatest NFL defensive players of all time, and he won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants. He previously admitted to using cocaine and was charged with sexual misconduct with a minor in 2011. 

Pembroke Pines is located southwest of Fort Lauderdale in Broward County.

Moving beyond a domestic violence charge

While it may seem that arguments between a husbands and wives are a common occurrence, if these altercations turn physical there are serious legal consequences for one or both of the spouses. This can include jail time, fines, and probation. It is recommended to have a lawyer assist with this process to avoid a harsh sentence. 

Speak with a criminal attorney in the Fort Lauderdale area

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