Fort Lauderdale Divorce—Divorce May Be Better Than a Bad Marriage For Kids

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida. Parents who are considering divorce may be worried about the impact it may have on their children. Yet, researchers have found that only a very small percentage of children experience long-lasting harm after their parents divorce. Scientific American recently reported on a study performed by psychologists at the University of Virginia. The researchers found that while children may experience short-term negative feelings immediately after their parents divorce, most children don’t experience these feelings after a couple of years have passed. The reality is that the impact of an angry, resentful, abusive, or violent marriage is much more damaging than a divorce in which parents are able to reach a sound parenting plan. If you’re considering divorce with children in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, it is important that you and your ex draft a parenting plan that will be accepted by the court and that meets the best interests of your children. A divorce lawyer can help you to develop a parenting plan that works for your family. The Family Law Department of KO Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale are board certified marital and family law specialists.
Researchers found that the main indicator of adjustment difficulties in children stemmed from conflicts between parents. When children have ongoing adjustment difficulties, it isn’t always clear why this is the case. However, some suggest that quality of parenting or parents who are having difficulty adjusting to the divorce could impact the children. The best way that parents can help their children adjust to the divorce is by limiting the child’s exposure to the conflict or legal processes, and by answering children’s questions completely and honestly. If you’re having trouble with this, it may be wise to seek help from a family law attorney or counselor. For instance, a family law lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida can help you and your former spouse work out a parenting plan outside of court. In most cases, an out of court parenting plan is often in the best interests of both the parents and the children, as the decisions of judges may not always accord with the wishes of either parent. While there are cases where custody decisions must be settled with a judge, a qualified family law attorney can often help families resolve even the most contentious issues. No matter what happens, the children themselves should be kept out of custody disputes as much as possible.
According to the Huffington Post, it is often healthier for children to live in homes free of arguments, negativity, shouting, sadness, and resentment. While divorce might make everyone sad in the short term, in the long term, it can lead to greater happiness for both parents and children. While some parents believe that they are putting their kids first by staying together, parents who show their children the importance of their own happiness, also teach their children a tough, but important lesson about happiness and life. Finally, you and you ex may be able to find ways to work together better as co-parents than as a couple.
If you’re considering divorce, you and your family will likely face many questions going forward. You don’t need to answer these questions alone. Visit curtcowanlaw.com to learn more about how the Family Law Department of KO Lawyers can help.

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