FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida. It can be hard to end a marriage or to let a partner go. Sometimes, for some, the sign that a relationship is over comes when you meet someone else. If you are the cheating spouse and are going through a divorce in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you may have many questions about how adultery might affect your divorce. Florida courts increasingly don’t consider cheating when making decisions regarding division of property, alimony, or child custody, but it is important to know when cheating could have an impact on these legal questions. If you have questions about your divorce, call the Family Law Department of KO Lawyers at (954) 525-4100.
Here are some things to consider, if you’re going through a divorce and have been caught cheating:

  1. Tell the truth. If you’ve been caught cheating or have decided to come clean, your best bet is to tell the whole truth. If lies come out in court, they could lead to more complications with your divorce. You don’t need to tell your partner all the graphic details, but Huffington Post notes that lies of omission or lies of chronology will only make the whole thing more painful for everyone involved.
  2. Think about your children. Being with a new partner releases endorphins, which may somewhat protect you from the pain of the divorce. Remember that your children won’t be similarly protected. Be emotionally available, and be open to sharing feelings of sadness and regret.
  3. Avoid introducing children and your ex to your new partner until things have settled. Yes, you want your children to know and love your new partner, but remember that divorce can be confusing and difficult for children. It’s best to wait until things have settled down and your children have grown accustomed to the new situation before adding another person to the mix.
  4. Don’t give up your rights because you cheated. The guilt of cheating can lead to poor financial or child custody decisions during divorce. You may feel the need to give your ex the house and the kids to make things right, but remember that you have rights too. Speaking to a family law attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida can help you better understand your rights and responsibilities under the law. That said, your ex will most likely be angry in the wake of learning the truth. Give the process time. Many people, over time, are willing to reach out of court settlements, even with partners who cheated on them.

Finally, there are some instances, where your adultery may have an impact on the financial or child custody aspects of your divorce. For instance, if you used marital assets to support your extramarital affair, you may have to adjust your divorce settlement to account for this. If your spouse got an STD from your straying, you may also have to pay damages. Finally, if your new partner has a criminal record or could be seen as a danger to the children, this could affect your child custody.
Adultery often leads to more contentious divorce proceedings. If you’re considering filing for divorce in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you need someone on your side. Visit the website to learn more.

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