Trade secrets are anything valued that a company or business owns that is unique to them and helps them gain a competitive edge against the crowd. This could be in the form of a process, a formula, or a piece of information that not many people are aware of outside the company.

Anyone who wants to protect their trade secrets must make sure they get in touch with a trademark attorney to help them with the legal process. It is vital that a person take the legal process very seriously, so they do not end up suffering great financial loss due to not having their trade secrets properly secured by the law. If company owners find out that someone is taking advantage of their trade secrets, they can send a cease-and-desist letter to stop these individuals from profiting any further. If the letter is worded properly by an attorney, that person will still have the right to collect damages or losses based on how much harm the individual caused them.

A cease-and-desist letter should be sent out as soon as a person learns of the infringement so that they can show the court they acted in good faith and did not immediately take to litigation. It also makes sure that the illegal activity is stopped, and a person has their losses cut.

Receiving an intellectual property audit to protect trade secrets in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Anyone who wants to ascertain that their intellectual property is taken care of and they are legally protected from every angle should request an IP audit by a qualified attorney. An IP audit entails a review of the policies of the company and an interviewing of the staff and employees. This audit touches all areas of business and ensures that a person’s trade secrets are thoroughly protected.

Intellectual property includes trademarks, patents, formulas, trade secrets, and copyrights. Anyone who owns any of these or would like to sign up for one should reach out to an attorney to help them with the legal paperwork and the collecting of supporting documents.

Many individuals wonder whether they can even have their business information protected as a trade secret. If the information is not common knowledge outside of the company and it gives a person a competitive edge in the market, then it likely counts as a trade secret and can be protected.

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