Every driver must make sure that they speak with their insurance carrier and let them know what happened once an accident takes place. This should be reported to them as soon as possible, and if a person delays too long, they may lose their ability to get compensated through them. The time limit to speak with an insurance adjuster is different from the legal statute of limitations, which is much longer. For one’s insurance company, they should correspond with them as soon as possible to make it easy to receive a settlement and start the claim process.

If an insurance adjuster gets in touch with a person, they should make sure that they do not give away information without first speaking to a lawyer. Speaking to a lawyer will give a person the legal knowledge and advice they need to proceed forward with caution. The friendly voice on the other side of the phone can be very deceiving and most people forget that the adjuster works for the insurance company and they will do everything to find a way to pay as little as possible to the victims of the accident.

A person can also opt to have their attorney speak to the insurance adjuster on their behalf so they use the correct legal terminology and bring up the necessary facts and evidence to ensure a person is fairly compensated for the negligence of the truck driver.

How to determine negligence in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

Evidence is key. Just like in every other legal situation, the more proof a person has to back up their claims, the more chances they have of winning their case and getting monetary compensation to help them recover from all the damages they suffered.

After the accident that leads to the injuries, a person should remain at the site of the collision and take photos and make videos of the accident to garner as much evidence as possible. They will also have to file an accident report and inform officers of what occurred at the scene of the accident in case their injuries were caused by a car or truck accident.

If their injuries were caused by a slip and fall or other similar situation, they should contact their attorney at their earliest convenience so they can learn the injury claim process. The more a person suffered, the more damages they will be able to claim.

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