Police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida were looking for a suspect who was possibly involved in a shooting. The defendant was apprehended based on a suspicious tip from a man claiming to be a witness who knew about the incident. 

Shooting investigation results in an arrest

The situation began at the 1800 block of Northwest 16th Ave. There were emergency calls about shots fired in the area, and police found a man lying in the grass on the side of the road with a bullet wound in his neck when they arrived. This victim was taken to Broward Health Medical Center for treatment. An initial examination revealed that the man had taken a bullet to his neck that went out near his throat, but he survived. 

After an investigation, Fort Lauderdale police found out that the man who gave a tip regarding the shooting and the suspect turned out to be the same person. He initially told detectives two days after the shooting that a friend was responsible, and he wanted to come forward. He then created an unlikely scenario where the shooting took place when juveniles attempted to rob a house nearby and a man emerged with a rifle to scare them away. According to his version of the story, the man who tried to stop the robbery happened to shoot the victim on the other side of the street when he missed the robbers. The story from the victim that emerged after his neck healed contradicted this version of the event, and he identified the real shooter. 

The suspect apparently expected to collect a reward for the tip that would lead to an arrest. Police were told he also had another motive based on information from friends who told officers that he had planned the shooting to impress a girl. 

The 39 year old male was eventually arrested just over a week after the shooting took place. 

Retaining a criminal defense lawyer

For someone to be convicted of a crime, the state must prove every element of the offense beyond all reasonable doubt. A defense attorney’s job is to make sure there are no issues with mistaken identity, false arrest, insufficient evidence, and other common shortcomings that prosecutors tend to overlook. Even when guilt is clear, an attorney may still be able to negotiable a favorable plea deal or raise doubt regarding the state’s case during a trial. Experienced defense attorneys know how to speak to prosecutors and juries in a way that will bring the best possible result for a defendant. 

A criminal law attorney can assist with your case

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