Local 10 News – on August 13, 2021, a Fort Lauderdale woman was in her kitchen when she heard a loud noise from her living room. She left the kitchen and witnessed a car that hit the front of her house. She walked to the car only for the car to back up and speed down Northwest Second Avenue. The driver left a hole in the wall, broken windows, shattered glass, and damaged chairs that all need to be replaced.

According to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, the car that hit the house suffered front and back-end damage, a shattered taillight, and a back broken window. The car that fits this description was found down the block of the damaged home. The driver confessed to the hit and run and said that she drove away after hitting the house.

Local 10 News has reported that law enforcement is currently on the search for the suspect.

What if a hit and run damages my property?

Hit and runs are never justified nor appropriate. They are one of the only auto collisions that can carry criminal charges along with driving under the influence. Though hit and run collisions are rarely the faults of the victim, especially if the victim is in their property, it is advised to install cameras around the property so that sufficient evidence can be gained if an incident ever occurs.

In the case of after a hit and run, it is best to do the following:

  • Photograph the car’s tag number if possible
  • Document the damage to property and surrounding areas.
  • Contact law enforcement with all necessary documentation.
  • Contact home and auto insurance provider.
  • Call an experienced and professional auto accident attorney.

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The greater South Florida has been rated as the #1 worst place to drive in the United States. Fort Lauderdale is specifically more subject to accidents than most other areas in FloridaVictims of a hit and run will likely need the services of a skilled and experienced auto accident attorney to gain the most compensation. Our critically acclaimed South Florida-based offices are ready and equipped to handle most cases. We are professional and welcoming, so never hesitate to call. We can guide you through every step. Broward County and all South Florida residents are encouraged to remain calm during a hit and run.

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