Fort Myers area residents may have issues getting the right amount of insurance money

Local news for southwest Florida ran a story about various ways in which homeowners can have claims on their properties fulfilled, even years after a hurricane. 

The long term effects of a hurricane can linger and affect insurance coverage and claims

A professional from a local construction company in Lee County discussed the process of filing claims, even long after the hurricane has passed. Policyholders are generally given a window of three years to file. As long as the damage claim is filed before this deadline, the company has to process it and make a determination.

He advised that basic loss mitigation steps should also be taken before a during a storm to prevent the need to make large claims. Things like boarding up windows and securing a house, having a hurricane plan in place, and securing or removing valuables if there is a local evacuation order will all help reduce the possibility of damage and loss. Before and after the storm, get in contact with your insurance provider and make sure they have up to date information about your home and any losses that will be claimed. Unfortunately, this process can vary greatly depending on how responsive and organized your insurance provider is.   

People may be reluctant to pay into these policies for many different reasons, especially due to the fact that flood insurance can be costly if the policyholder never needs to use it. However, houses in flood zones may be required to have a separate flood policy, and most homes that are mortgaged or financed will require some kind of insurance coverage. Insurance companies also set time limitations that prevent homeowners from quickly purchasing insurance immediately before a hurricane if they do not already have coverage. 

Why do insurance claims get denied?

Insurance claims can be denied for a number of reasons, and sometimes insurance companies either make mistakes or deliberately try to deny good claims. In some cases, the type of coverage that a person has may simply not cover their losses or expenses due to the type of policy they purchased. Other times, the insurance provider can make a mistake and deny coverage that they technically owe the policy holder. When someone has a claim denied and they do not pursue the issue aggressively through the legal process, they risk losing money from a policy that they have already paid into. All policyholders do have a right to appeal and contest a claim that is denied for any reason. 

Learn more about how lawyers can help during the claim process

To get help from an attorney in the Fort Myers area who focuses on insurance claim denials, contact: 

The Law Offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A.

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