Parts of Fort Myers and southern Lee County, Florida needed to be evacuated due to serious flooding.

Flooding displaces residents of RV park

The first area that was evacuated was an RV park in the south part of the city of Fort Myers. The park was on U.S. 41 near the Alico Road intersection. Water from this area, along with some rainwater from the Southwest Florida International Airport was supposed to be diverted into Ten Mile Canal. Thousands of gallons began to overflow from the canal, releasing large amounts of water into the area.  

The park was mostly unoccupied at the time of the year when the flooding occurred. A resident said that there were only a handful of people who needed to evacuate, but more were expected to arrive in another couple of months as it gets closer to tourist season. She said her family was asked to leave on a Sunday afternoon, just months after moving from Ohio. The owners of the property had also told her that the park had not been flooded to this extent in about twenty years. Later, the owners took a large white bus through the neighborhood to check all of the units and make sure no one was trapped or left behind. Many residents had relocated to local hotels.

Photos of the area showed some spots that were overrun with water. A number of cars were totally submerged and they floated away along with large amounts of debris. Residents expressed concern that they have no idea when they will be allowed to return and what would be left at the time. 

Insurance claims after damage from severe weather and floods

When damage from flooding occurs, homeowners need to have a separate flood insurance policy, in addition to their standard property coverage. For many people in Florida who live in flood zones or near the ocean, they are already required to carry a flood insurance policy by law. If there are any doubts regarding whether any particular damage would be covered by either homeowners insurance or flood insurance, you should contact your insurance carrier and ask them. If it seems like the company may be denying you necessary money even after you have paid into a valid policy, it may be time to take legal action with the assistance of an attorney. 

Get help from an attorney who handles insurance claim denials

If you have had issues with an insurance company not providing funding for repairs after you have been affected by a flood or hurricane, it is important to get help from a lawyer right away. To learn more, contact:

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