One of the most common criminal offenses that occur in Florida are drug charges. Individuals who are arrested for a drug crime or because they are suspected of being involved in drug crimes should reach out to a criminal defense attorney without delay.

Many individuals believe it is okay to wait and see what happens before getting the legal help they need, and this is often done to avoid legal fees. However, hiring an attorney is the best course of action a person can take as a lawyer will help them understand their rights and give them the confidence and insight they need to get through this highly difficult period in their life.

Drug charges can often lead to extremely strict penalties and anyone who is arrested by an officer should never take their situation lightly. They should keep in mind that anything they do or say will be used against them and they should take the necessary action to ensure they are not taken advantage of by police officers and other authorities.

Drug laws in Florida are very comprehensive and they include Florida Statutes Section 893.13 entertaining that a person is not allowed to sell manufacture, possess, or even deliver a controlled substance. Those who reside in Florida also can not partake in conspiracies to commit drug crimes or drug trafficking. If a person is found or suspected of dealing with drugs in any way, they may face very severe penalties in court.

What are potential drug charges in Fort Myers, Florida?

The drug charges faced will depend on what controlled substance is involved and the quantity that a person had in their possession. They can apply to illegal narcotics and also unauthorized possession of prescription drugs, and even medical marijuana if a person does not have a prescription for it.

If a person is arrested by officers, they should try their best not to panic, but they should take every measure to ensure they are legally protected and that their rights are being respected. A person has constitutional rights that have to be respected by officers and if it is determined that officers obtained evidence in an illegal way or they harmed someone through not valuing their rights a person may have their evidence dismissed and their charges lifted.

Illegal drugs are classified by Schedule from I to V, with Schedule I drugs considered to have no medical use at all and a high potential for abuse. Anyone who is involved in drug crimes should reach out to a criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Robert Foley to get proper legal advice on what steps they can take next to ensure they fight their best case and are not unfairly charged.

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