A 30-year-old man was recently arrested in Fort Myers Florida after multiple complaints were made by his neighbors of a suspected drug dealer in the area. The police were granted a search warrant and the SWAT team searched the apartment and detained him alongside three other females that were with him and an infant. Not only was it discovered that he was under the possession of several drugs in substantial amounts, but he also had multiple firearms in his possession as well including 12 handguns and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

The man was arrested and faced multiple charges of trafficking a controlled substance, possession of drugs with the intention to sell, possession of drug paraphernalia, and renting a structure with the purpose of trafficking a controlled substance. These charges are not light, and the law generally hammers down heavily on anyone who is caught committing even minor drug crimes.

Anyone who is caught for possessing or selling drugs will have to create a thorough legal defense, so they have more chances of reducing the penalties they are faced. If the person was framed, set up, or wrongly accused then they have a chance at having their charges dropped. In fact, if the police officers did find evidence of drug possession but did not obtain the evidence in a legally acceptable manner, then the charges can be dropped. However, in the above-mentioned case police officers did obtain a warrant and that is why they were allowed to enter the home and arrest the individual who was dealing with drugs on such a large scale.

Fort Myers, Florida, why call a criminal defense attorney for a drug crime?

Once a person is arrested for a drug crime, they need to contact a criminal defense lawyer right away to start building a valid defense and to start preparing for court. The truth is that the law does not take kindly to drug crimes because of how much harm they cause to everyone in society.

Individuals will need proper legal advice to help them decide what steps they should take and to help them determine what the best legal route to pursue is. Based on a person’s situation and the amount of evidence the prosecutor has, there are different choices a person can make in court to maximize their chances of minimal sentencing, or even have their charges dropped.

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