Every state has varying rules and regulations for controlling the usage of illegal substances. Drug laws are put in place to discourage individuals from drug consumption and handling because of the catastrophic effect these substances can have on a person’s life. Consuming drugs also makes a person more susceptible to committing crimes so the government does try whatever it can to stop individuals from pursuing this path in life.

In Florida, the drug laws often change and anyone who is caught for possession or trafficking of drugs should communicate with a qualified criminal defense lawyer, so they understand the current laws and they see where they stand from a legal point of view. Most drug charges will be considered drug crimes but based on the details of one’s case, the crime may be considered a federal crime. This will be the case especially if a person was caught with an exceptionally large amount of the illegal substance in their possession.

If a person wants to understand the potential legal consequences they may be subjected to, they need to first understand the different drug offenses that they may commit. The first is drug possession. Anyone can be charged with drug possession if they are caught with a smaller number of illegal substances that they were taking for personal use. The second is drug distribution. If a person was selling the drugs to others and not just consuming them for themselves, they can be caught for drug distribution. Lastly, a person may be caught in drug trafficking. This is clearly the biggest drug offense and it entails the possession and selling of a large number of illegal drugs.

The legal consequences a person is subjected to depends on the type of drug they were consuming and the quantity of the drug as well. It’s always a good idea to connect with a criminal defense attorney if a person is charged with any of these drug crimes because of the seriousness of the penalties they may be compelled to face.

Will jail time be served for any drug crimes in Fort Myers, Florida?

Sometimes going to jail will be a part of someone’s sentencing if they were caught with drugs. Many drug-related crimes in Florida will require a mandatory minimum prison sentencing. This all depends on the nature of the crime and how much drugs a person had in their possession. A person may be subjected to a few months or several years in prison based on the details of their case.

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