Most police departments in Florida and around the country go to great lengths to detect and arrest drunk drivers. There are even special divisions of officers who receive additional training related to drunk driving incidents.  

Fort Walton Beach police confirmed that they would be forming a task force along with other departments in the Okaloosa County area to combat drunk driving. 

DUI task force to focus on holidays and other high risk times 

Because of the amount of drunk drivers on the roads during certain holidays such as New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, and Memorial Day weekend, local law enforcement for Okaloosa County was making an extra effort to enforce drunk driving laws at those times. These dates were chosen based on the number of DUI arrests made on the same holidays in previous years.  

Several departments sent officers to attend a press conference at Northwest Florida University to announce a joint DUI task force. The Okaloosa County Sheriff said that he hopes the officers will have difficulty finding drunk drivers. He believes that if fewer arrests are made, that would indicate that drivers in the area got their message and took precautions so that they would not have to drive. One of the main goals of law enforcement and education about drunk driving is now to use community outreach and social media to prevent drivers from ever getting behind the wheel if they have been drinking. Officers who are trained to recognize impairment from drugs as well as alcohol would also be patrolling the same areas. These cops are commonly referred to as DREs or drug recognition experts. 

Resources have been allocated from existing department funds, so taxpayers will not be burdened with any additional costs through property tax or other means. 

Some of the agencies involved aside from the Fort Walton Beach police include the Florida Highway Patrol, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, and the Niceville Police Department. A representative from Mothers Against Drunk Driving who had a child killed by a drunk driver also attended the meeting. 

Despite all of these efforts, DUI arrests in Okaloosa County have been on an upward trend in recent years. 

Defending against the state’s evidence and charges

Because law enforcement invests a significant amount of resources in arresting and prosecuting drunk drivers, it is important to have a sound defense. Only the most experienced Fort Walton Beach DUI attorneys can make convincing arguments and attack the state’s evidence effectively

Keep in mind that a DUI arrest is not a conviction. An attorney can look at many pieces of evidence such as a traffic stop, breath or blood test, and even the things an officer said during the course of the investigation. If any of these things were done incorrectly, it may be possible to have the charges reduced or dropped. 

Learn more about defending your DUI case 

The attorneys at ASG Legal have worked to defend clients charged with DUI in the state of Florida for years. They can begin to provide representation immediately after an arrest and persist until the case is resolved.     

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