Four examples of negligent motorcycle use in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach, FL – Motorcycles have a number of unique safety issues that must be observed at all times. This is a crucial matter, as motorcycle crashes are more likely than car accidents to result in large costs and significant injuries. Cyclists and others on the road in Florida should be mindful of certain kinds of behaviors that can be considered negligence in the event of an accident. A party who is found to be negligent will have to pay for the costs of anyone that they injure through their insurance, and they may face other consequences such as lawsuits. There are motorcycle accident attorneys in the West Palm Beach area who can provide more information about these issues. 

Lane splitting

This is a dangerous practice that is unfortunately quite common among cyclists in Florida and other states. Motorcycles are supposed to maintain a lane just like all other vehicles on the road, however many motorcyclists think they can ride on the lines between the lanes to get around the larger vehicles. This is very dangerous, and it is likely that a driver will not see a motorcycle that is on their side or in a blind spot. 

Motorcycles that are overloaded

A motorcycle cannot carry several individuals or large amounts of cargo like many other vehicles. However, some people attempt to put passengers or other items on cycles that cannot handle them. The vehicle will become much more difficult to control and prone to crash if it is excessively loaded with people or other objects. 

Improper lighting or reflectors

Motorcycles need to have certain lights and reflectors to help with visibility issues. The cyclist should use their headlights when it is dark out, and all of the lights and reflectors need to be in good working condition. A bike that is not equipped with these items will be difficult to see in the dark, and an accident is more likely. 

Driving under the influence

While it should be obvious to all drivers that using a motorcycle after consuming drugs or alcohol is illegal and extremely dangerous, it is still a common cause of motorcycle collisions. Aside from any criminal penalties that a motorcyclist may face for this kind of behavior, it is also possible that evidence of driving under the influence can be used to show that the person was negligent during a civil lawsuit as well. 

Accident lawyers in Florida

Smith and Vanture is an accident firm that works to help people in the West Palm Beach area. Their attorneys near me can meet with anyone who has been injured and needs legal assistance. 

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