Albuquerque, NM – Traffic laws against speeding exist for the safety of all people on or around the roads. Law enforcement has the authority to stop speeding drivers in order to maintain public safety and prevent accidents. However, despite these laws speeding is still responsible for significant amounts of property damage, injuries, and fatalities in New Mexico and other states. People who need advice after any car accident can contact an attorney to determine if a lawsuit is necessary. 

Speeding can kill

It is possible that drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are all put at risk when a driver is going at an excessive rate of speed. Speeding has long been a known factor in many fatal traffic incidents. This is because drivers will rarely have time to come to a complete stop if they are driving much faster than the posted speed limit in the area. 

Drivers can lose control

Many single car accidents involve a driver who lost control of their vehicle due to speeding. It is more difficult to brake, turn, or maintain control of a vehicle as the speed increases. This means that a driver is putting their own life at risk by violating the relevant speed laws. 

Criminal charges are possible

New Mexico and other states have laws that can punish reckless drivers. While police are given some discretion regarding the types of offenses that are considered reckless driving, drivers who are going extremely fast based on the road conditions and surrounding traffic may be considered to be reckless. This means that they can be stopped by police, then issued a citation and prosecuted. If a driver injures or kills another person while driving in this manner, they can also be charged with much more serious crimes related to vehicular manslaughter. 

A driver who was speeding can be sued

After an accident happens, those who were injured have the ability to bring a civil case to receive various types of compensation. If the driver who was named as a defendant in the lawsuit was clearly speeding when they caused the crash, it will be much easier for the plaintiff to prove negligence and negotiate a settlement. After fatal accidents, the family can bring a wrongful death lawsuit on the victim’s behalf.

New Mexico car accident attorneys

The Crecca Law Firm has extensive experience handling car accident cases in the Albuquerque area. Their lawyers are available to represent anyone who has recently been injured and needs compensation from the driver responsible. is a web directory of lawyers in every state and practice area. People who are currently trying to find a lawyer in their area can call 800-672-3103 for assistance. 

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