Four things for workers in North Richland Hills to know about minimum wage and overtime

North Richland Hills, TX – Minimum wage laws are meant to protect individuals from poverty and other consequences of working for extremely small amounts. Despite the fact that these laws have existed for a very long time, there are still employers that violate minimum wage laws. Regardless of the employer’s reasons for doing so, the worker can file an unpaid wage claim or civil lawsuit to be paid any outstanding wages. Overtime laws also apply to any hourly worker who has labored more than forty hours in a seven day consecutive period. 

Minimum wage laws 

The current state minimum wage in Texas and federal minimum wage are both set at the same rate of $7.25 per hour. An employer absolutely cannot pay any less than this amount for any reason. They also cannot cause the employer’s wages to go below this amount through deductions or charging workers for various kinds of workplace expenses. 

Workers who receive tips

The situation is more complex for anyone who receives at least $20 in tips on a regular basis. Relevant laws say that these workers must still receive the minimum wage, through any combination of tips and hourly wages. Some employers may need to give additional compensation if their average hourly pay through tips and wages comes to less than $7.25 per hour.

Pay records are useful

All employers are required by law to keep some kind of basic pay records for all workers, and they should issue regular pay stubs or earnings statements. Workers should review these regularly for concerns about minimum wage laws or any other kinds of wage theft. Issues can be discussed with the employer, but if the employer is not helpful, the worker will need to file an unpaid wage claim with the Texas Workforce Commission so that they can begin to investigate. 

Overtime laws 

There is a requirement that all hourly workers receive at least one and one half times their regular pay for overtime hours. A few expectations exist, and these tend to be reserved to independent contractors, salaried workers, and certain people in administrative and ownership positions. Unpaid overtime can result in lawsuits against an employer, and they will owe the worker the full outstanding amount, plus any interest on late wages if the employee’s case is successful. Workers should also be careful and check if their position can be considered a salaried job, as some workplaces do this to simply save money, even if it’s illegal. 

Employment lawyers in Texas

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