Four things people in Jacksonville should know about semi truck collisions

Jacksonville, FL – Even though semi trucks are a common sight on the highways in Florida and other states, they are also very dangerous and cause accidents regularly. People who have been involved in a collision with a commercial vehicle should get a basic overview of some of the problems that they are likely to encounter, and then meet with their lawyer to discuss the specifics of a lawsuit. 

Safety features on trucks are getting better

Many trucks now have collision detection alerts, cameras to help drivers see, and other important safety features. However, most of these extra safety features are not required by law, and it is up to the individual truck driver or their employer to decide to use them or not. 

If a lawsuit is necessary it will probably be brought against the driver’s employer

There are agency principles of liability that apply to many situations involving workers and their employers. In most cases, it is trucking companies that are liable for the actions of their employees. This means that they will pay out the costs of the accident through their insurance or other means, unless the driver is considered an independent contractor or some other exception applies. It is also less likely that an individual driver would be capable of affording all of the costs associated with a truck accident in Florida

There are a number of ways to show that a driver or their employer were negligent

As well as standard traffic laws that apply to all vehicles on the road, there are also trucking regulations which are extensive and meant to help keep the roads safe. Violations of these regulations may also be considered negligence in a civil lawsuit against the trucking company. Things like not taking mandatory break or rest periods, improperly loaded cargo, or insufficient vehicle maintenance can all be relevant. The trucking industry also has known problems with substance abuse, and it is possible that the driver had been using alcohol or drugs shortly before causing the accident. 

Truck accidents result in very large expenses

Most estimates put the total value of things like property damage, medical bills, and lost profits from a truck crash in Jacksonville in the range of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. This is because injuries tend to be severe, large trucks cause great amounts of property damage, the possibility of fatalities increases in truck collisions, and special cleanup crews may need to respond to the scene if the truck was transporting hazardous materials such as chemicals or fuel. 

Jacksonville semi truck crash lawyers

After a truck accident, there are attorneys near me who can assist with the process to receive compensation through a lawsuit. USAttorneys.com is a site that lists legal professionals throughout the country by state and practice area.

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