Four things that can happen when a motorcyclist gets on the roads in Austin after using drugs or alcohol

Austin, TX – The state of Texas has made it illegal to operate motorcycles while intoxicated by any combination of drugs or alcohol. There are a few specific consequences that a motorcyclist may have to deal with after a DWI related offense. It is also recommended that the person get help from an attorney after any accident.

Criminal charges

Any driver who is caught, including those on a motorcycle, can be charged under the Texas DWI statute. This is a criminal offense rather than a traffic violation, and penalties can include a driver’s license suspension, fines, and the possibility of jail time. Repeat offenders will get a more severe sentence that increases with the number of times they have engaged in drunk driving offenses in the past. Those who cause an accident while intoxicated can also face felony charges, especially if they injure or kill someone.

Serious injuries to the cyclist

Anytime a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, there is always the possibility of the person sustaining serious injuries. This is especially true if the person’s judgment and reflexes are affected by the consumption of drugs or alcohol. It is common for motorcyclists to experience concussions, broken limbs, or even life changing injuries such as paralysis after a DWI accident

Lawsuits against the motorcyclist

Any motorcyclist or driver who is found to be at fault for an accident can face consequences in civil court as well. If the victim is successful in bringing a negligence lawsuit, the defendant will have to pay for all of their losses associated with the accident. This can include the person’s lost income and wages, costs of healthcare and medical treatment, along with non-economic damages for pain and suffering. 

Insurance consequences

Issues with insurance can vary based on the specific terms of the person’s policy. However, it is worth noting that motorcycle insurance may not cover the person’s liability and other losses if they violated their policy by operating their vehicle while drunk. It is also possible that the person who was driving while intoxicated will have to pay significantly more for their insurance in the future due to things like surcharges and elevated risk associated with insuring the person.

Legal advice following an accident in Texas

Robson Law Firm is a law practice that focuses on all matters related to motor vehicle accidents in Austin. Anyone who wants to know if they should bring a lawsuit for compensation can schedule a meeting with their attorneys.

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