Four things to know about the child custody process in Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ – Parents can become very emotional and frustrated during the child custody process. This is obviously a difficult time because parents want to retain custody of their children and have the opportunity to maintain their relationships. However, the right kind of legal assistance can help greatly with this custody process. For this reason, anyone who is about to go through a custody dispute needs to meet with a local attorney for advice. 

A settlement between the parents is usually the best solution

When parents can make their own shared custody plan, a judge can review and accept the plan to make it legally binding. If the two biological parents can agree enough to jointly schedule all of their parenting time each week, this can save a lot of aggravation. A couple with a parenting plan that is already prepared can essentially bypass most of the formal hearing and dispute process. 

The best interests of the child

When the hearing happens in court, a judge will need to decide custody issues based on a standard called the best interests of the child. This essentially means that a judge has to look at which parent will be able to provide adequate financial support, healthcare, and does not have any significant character issues related to crime or substance abuse. In addition to these concerns, the judge will aim for consistency in the child’s community ties, education, and existing relationships.  

What does the final custody plan look like?

The plan should include how the child will spend an entire week or it can be extended for a longer duration. Each hour of the day needs to be accounted for, and the plan will clearly indicate who has custody at any given time. Things like visitation schedules and visitation rights of the non-custodial parent will be included if necessary depending on the format of the plan. The custodial parent is the one who has primary custody of the child and makes most of the parenting decisions. 

Preparation is crucial

A parent and their attorney should know how to present their best arguments and describe their situation in a concise, organized, and quick manner. Most family courts in Phoenix and other cities have to deal with fairly high volumes of cases, and each parent may not have much time to present their specific arguments.  

Arizona family attorneys

Schneider and Onofry is a firm that works with people who have issues with divorce, family law, child custody, and related problems. Anyone who needs help from a local licensed attorney in Phoenix can contact their firm to learn more about the process of representation during hearings.

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