The child was not properly restrained.
When traveling with small children who are required to sit in a child restraint seat or a booster seat, it is important that before taking off, that you check to ensure your child is, in fact, sitting in the seat and that they are buckled properly. Not only is it a requirement that parents sit their children in a car seat or booster seat when under the age of eight, but these seats also save lives and reduce the chance of a severe injury.
While parents are warned about putting their child in the proper seat and buckling them correctly, not all do it. And in a recent accident that transpired in Indiana, we see just what happens when a small child is not properly restrained.
Back in June, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department were called to the scene of a single-vehicle accident at the intersection of Country Club Road and Meganwood Drive [Indy Star]. Apparently, a car had driven off the road and struck a tree that was occupied by a driver who was not identified and a four-year-old child. When medics arrived at the scene, they said the child had difficulty breathing and the driver was complaining of chest pains. Both of the occupants were transported to Riley Children’s Hospital. Sadly, the child did pass away from their injuries.
Parents and caregivers must always check to be sure their kids are sitting in their car seats or boosters seats and that they are properly restrained as these seats can help prevent a serious injury.
Officer Jim Gillespie, who also arrived at the accident scene, said that the child was sitting in the back seat, however, they were not seated in a car seat nor were they properly restrained. Police also said that they weren’t quite clear as to what caused the driver to run off the road, although they did consider the driver may have suffered a medical emergency. In any event, state law does require that a blood sample is taken which may help determine if the operator was impaired or if something more serious was wrong.

Child Killed in Farming Accident in Indiana

Indy Star also reported that yet another child was killed, this time in a different type of accident, in Indiana just a few days ago. The child, whose name and age have not yet been released, was in a field on a farm near Rome City when he/she was struck by a farm implement. Authorities did not state what type of implement hit the child but that the child was pronounced dead at the scene. An investigation was being conducted by the Noble County Sheriff’s Office as well as the county coroner’s office to determine what caused the fatal accident and why.
Although some accidents involving children occur because of a parent or caregiver’s negligent behavior or inattentiveness, others are a result of someone else’s careless behavior. And if your child was injured or killed in an accident in Gary, IN and you are wanting to obtain justice for their death, contact the Gary, IN accident lawyers at Marshall P. Whalley & Associates by calling 219-769-2900.
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