Is There a Gender Bias Against Fathers in Atlanta, Georgia Family Courts?

ATLANTA, Georgia. While there is a widespread belief that the court system is heavily favored toward mothers when child custody decisions are on the line, the reality is that family courts tend to balance the interests of both parents and they tend to favor decisions that allow for joint custody, when possible. Of course, in order for men to receive fair consideration, it helps to have a good family lawyer on your side. The Zachary Law Group offers quality counsel to families who have child custody and divorce questions.
If the courts are unbiased, then why do mothers seem to get custody more than men? The Huffington Post recently published a few interesting statistics that probably contribute to this trend. For instance, when making child custody decisions, the courts tend to favor the parent who spends the most time with the children and who devotes the most time to childcare. According to a report by the Pew Research Center, a married father spends only around 6.5 hours a week caring for the children, while the mother spends on average 12.5 hours. Despite the fact that mothers work in most families, they still take on more of the childcare duties.
The reality is that the statistics show that family courts are only involved in about 4 percent of custody decisions. In 51% percent of cases, both parents agree that the child should live with the mother. One family law attorney explained that the idea that family courts favor mothers is simply false. If more fathers fought for custody of their children, they would be more likely to win it, especially if they could show a track record of caring for their children during the marriage.
Studies also show that in some states, mothers don’t receive sole custody in the majority of cases, with courts favoring joint custody and equal parenting time. The courts are also recognizing the importance of both parents having a role in the lives of their children. In fact, parents who disrupt that relationship could face penalties in court. More judges are favoring the parent who is willing to share custody, share time, and protect the child’s relationship with both parents. According to Slate, as court policies change to reflect two-income households, more mothers are paying child support.
Income and wealth also factor in. Wealthier fathers tend to face a lower child support burden than poor fathers who can be thrown in jail for failing to make child support payments. The reality is that if you’re getting divorced with children, you’ll want to speak to a family law attorney to understand your rights and responsibilities. Reaching a child custody and child support agreement outside of court can be beneficial for everyone involved. When courts are left to decide child custody questions, both parents run the risk of ending up losing. The reality is that compromises will need to be made on both sides so that parents can protect their rights to make decisions for their children. If you have questions, the Zachary Law Group can help. Visit our website at: https://zacharylawgroup.com.

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