After a truck accident occurs, the first person who is held responsible is generally the truck driver and the trucking company the driver is working for. However, it is common for many other parties to be brought into the lawsuit because of the complicated nature of truck and cargo ownership. Depending on how the accident took place, the relevant parties can be questioned in court.

Freight and shipping companies are often overlooked after a collision, but they can be held to account for the accident if an investigation determines there was some form of negligence on their part. There are principles of employment law that apply to truck collisions since the truck driver is often an employee. Because of this, the trucking company and the shipping company that sent the cargo with the vehicle are often legally required to pay a portion of the damages.

The exact amount they must pay depends on how severe the injuries were and what employment status the truck driver had with them. Whether they were working as an employee, as a subcontractor, or in some other contract will determine how much percentage of the settlement each company will have to pay. In some cases, the truck driver is working for themselves and is both the owner and operator of the vehicle, these cases are less complicated as the driver becomes responsible for covering the damages.

Apart from the employment status of the truck driver, a freight company may also be held liable in a truck accident if it is discovered they failed to load the cargo properly, overburdened the vehicle, or they failed to inform the driver the cargo contained dangerous and hazardous waste.

Who can help me file a lawsuit against a freight company after a truck accident?

Speaking with an attorney who is experienced in dealing with cases involving truck collisions is the best way to make sure the most compensation is received after the collision. To hold the shipping or freight company responsible, it is required for a person to prove the company acted negligently in one way or another.

This can be incredibly difficult to do on one’s own. A truck accident attorney in Georgia can get together the evidence needed to prove the freight company had a duty of care that was breached, and it was this breach that eventually lead to the losses of the victim.

The more a person suffered due to the accident, the more financial compensation they are entitled to receive so they can cover their damages and minimize the suffering that was experienced.





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