Two men have been arrested for the murder of a 25 year old black man who was jogging in Georgia earlier this year. 

Young man is shot after an encounter with a father and son

The victim, named Ahmaud Arbery, was killed in Brunswick, Georgia, in the Satilla Shores neighborhood. The two suspects claimed that they believed he was committing burglaries in the area, and began to chase after him in their truck. The victim’s attorney had previously stated that he has video evidence which shows that the victim was jogging down the road during midday and did not commit any crimes. The two men who approached the victim were armed with a shotgun and a .357 magnum. Glynn County police believe that they opened fire on Arbery after a brief confrontation. Two shots were fired during the incident.  

A 64 year old male and his 34 year old son were arrested by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Law enforcement announced that they will both be charged by the state with aggravated assault and murder. The incident gained national attention when the video of the killing was posted on social media and went viral. The case was then delayed, as it was passed between multiple prosecutors and then postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The victim’s family claims that he was a health enthusiast who merely wanted to go for a run, while the elder defendant said that the shots were fired during a struggle over the shotgun as they were arguing. 

The difficulties associated with high profile cases

In criminal cases that receive a lot of publicity, the defense of the suspects can become difficult because the public has usually already formed an opinion based on media coverage. This can make it hard to choose jury members and get an impartial verdict. However, despite these problems, defense attorneys and the justice system as a whole are supposed to ensure that the case will be decided based on whether the state can prove all charges beyond reasonable doubt. The case should not be decided based on emotion or media influence. Jurors will be disqualified in these situations if they express bias or a high level of familiarity with the case, as this can affect their ability to make a detached judgment about the innocence or guilt of the defendants. 

Attorneys for both the prosecution and the defense will work to make sure that the case is decided only based on the evidence that is presented during the course of the trial. 

Speak with a lawyer about criminal charges

When someone is charged with a crime, it is important to get advice from an experienced attorney who knows how to handle the situation. You can browse the directory on to find a lawyer in your area. 

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