MIAMI, Florida. According to MSN, women file two-thirds of divorce cases. However, not all divorces end in contentious court cases. More divorcing couples are choosing to settle their cases outside of court through mediation or with the assistance of a family lawyer. Avoiding a court drama can be beneficial for both parties, especially when it comes to child custody matters. Divorcing couples who take their child custody disputes to court are sometimes disappointed when judges make decisions neither parent is satisfied with. Judges use the “best interests of the child” standard, a standard that some claim can be highly subjective when being set by a judge who may not know the intimate lives of the people involved. Sandy B. Becher, P.A. is a family lawyer in Miami, Florida who understands that much is at stake when you choose to get divorced. You may be facing tough questions. You may wonder where your children will live and who will get custody. It can be tough to navigate these questions alone. Here are some helpful things to consider if you’re considering getting divorced in Miami, Florida:

  • Seek Support. Divorce can result in major changes to your life and to your children’s lives. If you and your ex shared mutual friends, you may find yourself alienated as friends choose sides. It is important to seek support from friends and family. Find a person you can trust with whom you can share your concerns. Divorce is as much a legal process as it is an emotional one. To handle the legal concerns you may face, you may want to seek the counsel of a qualified family lawyer.
  • Things will get better and many people get remarried. When you’re going through a divorce, the pain can be immense. The changes can be among the most difficult a person can face in a lifetime. Yet, it is important to remember that life will get better. Many people find love again. In fact, according to a report by Time, after age 36, the number of people who are remarried, exceeds the number of people who are divorced.
  • Divorce is a legal matter. The choice to end a marriage is a highly emotional decision, but it is also a legal matter involving your finances, your debts, your property, and your retirement. If you are getting divorced, you’ll need to review the assets and debts you and your ex share. Dividing assets can be challenging, but with the help of a family lawyer, you can find solutions that work.
  • Your kids will heal. Many parents worry about their kid’s ability to bounce back after divorce. However, studies have found that children were quite resilient after their parent’s divorce. The one exception? Contentious divorces or family situations of high conflict. The best way to promote healing after a divorce is to find a sound and peaceful resolution to your questions of custody and division of assets.

A family lawyer in Miami, Florida like Sandy B. Becher, P.A. can help you and your family navigate some of the most difficult legal questions that arise during divorce.

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