Any criminal defense case consists of a person being accused of committing a crime by the government. If the crime is a serious one that causes a lot of harm to oneself and to others and their property it is considered a felony. If the crime committed is not that serious then it is considered a misdemeanor crime.

The worse a person’s crime was and the more harm they caused to others, the more intense their legal penalties will be. When a person is caught by law enforcement for having committed a felony, their penalties will be intense and will usually involve hefty fines and significant time in prison. When a person is caught for a misdemeanor crime they may not have to face a lot of time in jail but they will face other consequences such as having to pay fines and facing other legal limitations specific to the crime they undertook.

How can I get help after I am arrested for a crime in Orlando, Florida?


The best course of action anyone should take once they are caught for a crime is to contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to help them with their case. However, a person should not just opt for the first attorney they get in touch with. It can be confusing to discern which attorney is best to work with and some factors should be considered when a person is trying to decide what lawyer to hire.

The following factors should be considered when looking for a good criminal defense law firm:

  • The response time of the law firm
  • The availability of information or transparency the law firm offers
  • The knowledge the attorneys have
  • The relevant experience the attorneys have
  • The location of the law office
  • The fees and method of payment taken by the law firm

If the attorneys at the law firm are open to communication, good at responding, and they have relevant experience working on cases similar to one’s own then it is a good idea to go ahead and work with them. Other points such as if the law firm is nearby and if a person can afford their rates are also essential to take into consideration before deciding to hire.

Whether a person is charged for a felony or a misdemeanor crime, they should get in touch with a good criminal defense lawyer to help them through the legal process for their case. If matters are not taken seriously from the beginning a person may end up facing more serious legal repercussions, then is necessary.

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