When a loved one passes away, families must begin taking the necessary steps to prepare their remains for memorialization. Gatherings and ceremonies are the two options most families use to say their final goodbyes to their loved ones and preserve their memories of them. While some choose to hold a traditional burial service at the time of their loved one’s passing, others choose cremation.


What is cremation?


According to the Glick Family Funeral Home, cremation is the process by which an individual’s body is transformed into ashes using fire or heat. These ashes may be scattered in a place that has been chosen by family members or the decedent or they may be kept in an urn. If a family chooses cremation, there are different options available to them. Some of these options include:

  1. A funeral service, followed by cremation. A funeral service can be held in various places including a funeral home, place of worship, a crematory chapel, or a place that holds memories or meaning.
  2. A funeral service with an urn.
  3. If a family chooses not to hold a funeral, the Glick Family Funeral Home offers simple cremation services.


Which religions accept cremation?


According to the National Funeral Directors Association, most religions accept cremation although there are a few exceptions which include:

  • Islamic
  • Orthodox Jewish
  • Eastern Orthodox
  • Certain Christian faiths


When a family is considering cremation for their loved one or the decedent expressed their desire to be cremated prior to their passing or in their will, there are a few things the National Funeral Directors Association says family members should consider when making preparations:

  • Will a service or gathering be held for friends and family to attend before cremation?
  • Will a public or private viewing be held prior to cremation?
  • What type of urn will be selected?
  • Will the cremated remains be scattered, and will a service be held at the time?


When a Loved One Passes Unexpectedly


When a person loses a loved one unexpectedly as a result of an accident or illness and their loved one did not leave a will that outlines whether they wanted to be buried the traditional way or cremated, the Glick Family Funeral Home would be happy to explain both of these processes more in-depth to those who need some guidance. The Glick Family Funeral Home is a family-owned and operated business and has been serving its Boca Raton community for many years.

If a family would like to learn more about cremation, pricing, or the other services this funeral home offers, they can call 561-672-1880.


Glick Family Funeral Home is located at:


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Phone: 561-672-1880

Website: www.glickfamilyfuneralhome.com

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