Houston, TX – There are many types of legal protections that have been created to assist workers who have been improperly paid or otherwise mistreated at work. Certain governmental bodies exist that allow these violations to be pursued through a formal claims process. In many cases, the affected worker will also want to retain their own legal counsel as well to assist with this process and review the possibility of a lawsuit or taking other measures against their employer.  

Agencies that assist workers at the state and federal level

Many labor and workplace complaints are filed through an employment commission that works at the state or federal level. There is the Texas Workforce Commission available to workers in Houston, and some government employees may need to utilize the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to file a claim. 

These commissions each have their own process for filing a claim related to a wage dispute. In most cases any kind of improper payments, unpaid work, or wage discrimination can be investigated and remedied. In Texas, there is a specific piece of legislation called the Texas Payday Law that is intended to protect individuals against various illegal employment practices, which may result in workers not receiving proper compensation, overtime, or being underpaid for various other reasons and mistakes. 

Workplaces who may be in violation of the Payday Law

Workers are advised to inform their employer about this law first if they believe that there may be an issue. In some cases, there may be honest mistakes that results in workers losing out on payment, but this can be corrected internally within the company before taking legal action or getting government assistance. 

Any claim should be submitted to the workforce commission within 180 days or less from when the amount should have been given to the employee. They recommend filing through the website online for the fastest results. Each claim also has to identify with specificity why the wages are considered missing and how the employee came to their determination about being underpaid, which can include all crucial facts related to the matter. There are related procedures for pursuing claims with more than one workplace, or if the employer has ceased operations or filed for bankruptcy. If a business is in the bankruptcy process, these claims will usually have to be made directly with the bankruptcy court that has jurisdiction over the case. 

Lawyers who handle wage claims in the Houston area

Anyone who is concerned about issues with unpaid wages, overtime, or minimum wage violations can speak with a licensed attorney in the Houston metro area. Moore and Associates focuses their practice on wage issues, labor laws, and related regulations. 

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