Divorce is a common process that affects millions of Americans each year. This includes couples in places like Greenville, South Carolina and the rest of the country. People who file include some unlikely individuals who never thought they would need to separate. 

A well known South Carolina pastor filed for divorce after almost two decades of marriage. 

Local church founder goes public with his difficult divorce 

The pastor of the renowned NewSpring Church issued a formal statement on a religious website saying that he was in the process of separating from his wife of 17 years. 

He acknowledged that the decision to separate was one of the most difficult things he has ever done. The pastor added that he never imagined at any point in the last several years that it would be necessary to file for divorce. However, he said that he wanted to be honest with the public about his current situation to avoid damaging rumors or speculation. 

The pastor concluded his statement by asking for support and prayers from those who know him or belong to his religious organizations. He also asked that news stations and media members respect his privacy until the process is concluded. 

The NewSpring Church started over 20 years ago in his living room. The organization now has 17 campuses and more than 30,000 members globally. The founder is known around various parts of the country as a megachurch pastor due to the size of his ministry and some of the venues where services are conducted for large audiences. He was temporarily removed from his position at the church about a year before the divorce for issues with alcohol abuse, then returned to publically conduct services.  

How to start a divorce proceeding in South Carolina

The plaintiff, also known as the spouse who is filing to separate must have resided in South Carolina for at least one year prior. Proof of residency can be determined through formal documentation such as driver’s licenses, leases, mortgage statements, and utility bills. The spouse who did not file will be named as the defendant in the lawsuit. 

For a no fault divorce, any one spouse can ask to end the marriage for any reason as long as they have been living separately for at least a year. South Carolina also offers traditional fault based divorces where there must be proof of adultery, abandonment, substance abuse issues, or domestic violence. No fault divorces tend to be the more common option for most couples.  

Once the courts formally start the process to end the marriage, the entire process can take anywhere from a few months to a couple of years. The length of the marriage, any property or children involved, and other entanglements that need to be sorted out will generally make the process longer. 

When you are serious about going through the process to formally end a marriage, it is important to retain an experienced lawyer who dedicates their practice to family law issues. 

Learn more about divorces in the Greenville area

There are local attorneys available who focus on divorce filings and related family law issues. You can schedule a consultation with The Hayes Law Firm for more information. 

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