Turbulent relationships can cause a number of serious problems for people. In some instances, women will face physical violence from their partners, and data shows that this is more likely to occur in Greenville and other areas of South Carolina than in many other parts of the United States. 

Victims of domestic violence and others in problematic marriages should seriously consider the possibility of divorce to minimize the potential for injuries and continued psychological trauma. 

South Carolina remains one of the worst states in the country for domestic violence 

For many years since the 2010s began, South Carolina has consistently been ranked within the top 10 most dangerous states for women. In 2015, the state was ranked as the most dangerous for domestic issues by the Violence Policy Center, with almost 2 out of every 100,000 females becoming a victim of homicide. The following year, the state was in sixth place out of the country, and has remained high on the list ever since. The total rate was even higher in the 1990s, before the policy center started to analyze and report on the data. 

State representatives have commented that the numbers are moving in the right direction in recent years, but women are still vulnerable and more needs to be done. Lawmakers in South Carolina have already been working to increase penalties and make stricter gun laws for those with assault and domestic violence convictions. The court system that allows prosecutors to handle domestic violence cases, rather than police officers working as magistrates has also been overhauled. 

Despite this progress, the Domestic Violence Advisory Committee has released reports which express concern about a lack of funding for crucial support structures. They also claim that better data and crime reporting will go a long way to help find solutions. 

The process to get a divorce

Most states have simplified their divorce process in recent years, which is helpful to victims who need to act fast. The courts will even provide a protective order if necessary to keep an abusive spouse away. The main requirement to file in South Carolina is to prove residency within the state for one year or more. 

South Carolina offers no fault divorce like most other states. However, in cases where domestic violence has been a consistent problem, it may be advisable to get a fault based divorce instead. It is always recommended to speak with an experienced divorce attorney before making any important decisions.  

Get help from a divorce lawyer in the Greenville area

If you have had issues with domestic violence or other serious marital problems, it may be time to contact a family law attorney and consider a divorce. The Hayes Law Firm assists clients in the upstate region with various issues, including divorces and child custody. 

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