Greenville area worker was hurt while making mail deliveries

A postal worker was injured just west of Greenville in Oconee County, South Carolina while working. 

Mail worker injured while driving on Highway 59

The Oconee County Emergency Services division responded to the area of Highway 59 on a Thursday at about 1 pm in the afternoon. The South Carolina Highway Patrol took over the accident investigation, and they said that a mail truck and one other vehicle were involved in a crash. A car collided with the back of the truck, causing the driver to be ejected onto the road. Her vehicle then slid off of the left side of the road.

When first responders arrived on the scene, they took two accident victims to local hospitals. The 30 year old female driver of the postal mail truck had to be transported to Greenville Memorial Hospital for treatment. 

There was no follow up on the condition of any of the victims and it is unknown if the driver who hit the mail truck will be cited by police. 

The process to get payments after being hurt at work

Work related injuries are treated in a unique way by the law, because people need to be compensated their normal wages if they were hurt while working. In most cases, this is through no fault of their own. Employers of a certain size are even required by law to purchase insurance coverage that will pay their injured workers if an incident happens. 

After an injury, workers should report the incident to their employer and file any paperwork necessary. If the employer offers any kind of money, it is always best to have an attorney review the offer before accepting it. 

Personal injury cases

Personal injury lawsuits are a broad category of actions that assist people after workplace injuries, auto accidents, fires, and other common incidents that cause harm. Many of these cases are filed as negligence actions. This term is the legal way of saying that someone made a mistake while being careless and caused some kind of harm to another person.

These lawsuits involve an attorney getting an overview of the incident and their losses from the client. They can then file an initial pleading with the local civil court that asks for a certain amount of money and damages to cover expenses. After both the plaintiff and defendant’s lawyers exchange info for a period of time, they may choose to either make a reasonable settlement agreement or go to trial and let a jury make the final decision regarding fault and damages. 

Get help after an injury today

Whether you were hurt at work or by another driver on the roads, attorneys in the Greenville area can speak with you and recommend a course of action after a brief consultation. The Hayes Law Firm assists victims in the upstate region of South Carolina. 

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