Greenville area workers who have to drive every day are at risk for injuries

Drivers of various kinds of commercial and industrial vehicles are at high risk for injuries and accidents while they are working. An injured employee does have the right to receive their normal salary after they are hurt through the workers compensation system. 

An incident in Anderson, South Carolina involved drivers of a garbage truck and a school bus.

Municipal bus and garbage truck collide early in the morning

A captain with the Anderson police responded to the area of South Main Street at about 7:00am. He confirmed that there was a collision between a city owned bus and a garbage truck in the area. 

Several passengers on the bus reported various injuries to their necks and backs. A EMS vehicle responded to the scene to treat them. Some of the victims needed to be transported to local hospitals. 

Police said that the driver of the garbage truck was not hurt, but the condition of the bus driver was unknown. A full investigation will take place to determine the exact cause of the accident. 

Workers who are most at risk for injuries

Many occupations that require driving for long distances or hours also expose workers to the possibility of suffering from an injury. Occupations such as construction work, industrial manufacturing, or those that involve hazardous materials and chemicals are actually some of the most dangerous jobs. Any worker who is injured while on the clock should be aware of their rights. 

If someone is hurt while performing their normal job duties, the law requires their employer to compensate them through the workers compensation system. This essentially means that the person must be paid their regular salary while they recover from a work related injury

Employers are required by law to pay into workers compensation insurance which helps cover these costs. Even though this is a legal requirement, it is common for some workplaces to be deceptive or evasive to try to avoid paying out claims. 

Dealing with your employer after a workplace injury

Even though the process sounds straightforward, getting payment through workers compensation can be difficult. Some employers may even try to offer an amount to settle the claim that is less than standard workers compensation amounts. Because of the possibility of receiving a lower amount of having related problems, it is important to speak with a local attorney before filing any paperwork or accepting offers from employers. Your lawyer will make sure that your rights are protected and that your employer is acting within the boundaries of the law.

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